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All-New Boxing Gym

Train like a Champion at
the only Boxing Gym in Billerica!

Boxing training, workouts and exercises to improve your fighting ability in the newest boxing gym in the area. Proper boxing training will condition you for fighting while developing your skills. Learn how to train your fighting muscles and improve your overall athleticism. Learn how to condition your mind for battle.

Pro-Fitness' Boxing gym includes equipment by Ringside.

Ask about Seasonal Boot-Camp Group Classes!

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A Boxing workout is an ideal cross-training fitness program that gets results for any sport that relies on core strength, like tennis, baseball, football, basketball, martial arts, and more:

  • Both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Strength training
  • Burn calories and lose fat
  • Targets the biggest problem areas (abdominals, butt, hips, thighs – the "core")
  • Variety and fun
  • Easy to learn
  • Gets proven results


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